Wednesday, January 28, 2015

elmo and friends cake and cupcakes ..

here is elmo cake set with cupcakes for Nathan second birthday ... sesame's street are my childhood favorites character ,,, i was so happy when Nathan's mom order this cake and cupcakes ... ahhhh elmo and friends ..... yess yesss ..... so here is my version of baby elmo 3d figurine with his milk bottle and his teddybear best friend.... he was holding his balloon to cheer Nathan on his birthday ...

last but not least ... im showing off this cute cupcakes with sesame's street character on it ... ahhh too cute.... i cant let them go "my mind keep saying please stayyy " ... heheheh but yeah .. they are meant to cheer Nathan ... .... bye byeee .... hope Nathan loves his 2nd birthday cake and cupcakes...

much love,


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