Saturday, August 4, 2012

snowy theme tiered cakes

 look at one of our cool cakes team ... rosewyn ... she looks more than happy to see the cakes was arrived safely on time at the party ,,,

 200 cupcakes for the little fingers....
another one of our cool team aka my brother  haha..,are preparing the cakes on the stage ...

upclose and personal with your baker

Hi everyone ... here i am .. writing a lil bit about me ... my name is Bonita Adela ,as most of u are asked me about my personal story ...i am local indonesian chinese who lives in macau... went back to jakarta in 2001, i studied Make up artistry back in 2002 ... i was graduate as a profesional make up artist.. both wedding and photography.. i was passionate about make up until oneday i fell more deeply in baking ... and start baking in 2007 for my family .. i was intrested with all the beautiful sugar can be... i went to several profesional cake art courses ..  so i started my online cake shop in 2008 in jakarta,during my starting point with the cake things ... i was still doing my previous job as boutique owner in jakarta city boutique was quiet busy .. LA PETITE ... most of our stuff are vintage one of a kind clothes and dresses,with so many background customer from teenager,young mom,leading actress and singer,... LA PETITE (2002-2007) i move forward with the cake world.. altough my loyal boutique customer are desperately asking me not to close my shop.. i cant hardly breath without baking ..:) well well .. here i am ... back to macau in 2009 ... start my cake online shop for my loyal and lovely macau customer ... i have never been so happy to see my customer testimony and how they love my cakes and cookies... (do give me testimony please... :)....)    in the near future me and my husband plan to open a bake shop in macau that we can offer a sitting area when people can stop by and grab my piece of cupcakes or coffee.. while they can see me working and see how it is personal to make a piece of cakes ..:) and i plan to open a classes to everyone who's been passionate about baking and cake arts .. , at the moment u can call me or email me if u need a kids baking session tho..,i can host a small private classes by appointment ... ,so back to my personal things... my hobbies are art and craft ... i love long boarding too :) .. i love to entertaint kids ... and for your information .. im a full time mom aswell .. so please be patient when sometimes it took me hours to pick up your phone .. :) i might be chaging my toddler pampers or prepare their lunch..but u are always welcome to send me a message or drop me an email at i am a mom for 2 lil young boy ... name olivier ,and ezekiel .. i am a pastor's wife .. so very sorry if u need your cake on sunday .. i might ask u to pick up or delivery the cake on saturday night ... :)... i am a blessing wife ho had a patient and very kind husband who support me in my cakes business.... well thats about me .. please do greet me when u see me around..hehe,, would love to know my customer in person ... last but not least .. thanks to all my customer who have been loyal and kind to me by letting me create the cakes for their special day.... i have been blessed by all of you ..

more love,

your baker.

romantic cupcakes

 we are using bittersweet dark chocolate ganache for this cupcakes ,,,
bake this romantic cupcakes for my customer ... i came up with this theme ... since i do really loves the hummingbird ...,our cupcakes are using a fresh ingredients... our mouth watering chocolate cupcakes are heavenly good,.. our vanilla base cupcakes are pretty and very soft and moist too ... you can choose either one to suit your taste ...

baby cakes for the cutest baby

i made this for my customer 1 year old baby ... i made the figurine with gumpaste so it can be keep for years to put on your keepsakes box .. ,she ordered a matching cupcakes too ...using all edible fondant ... i made this more boyish by using only blue tone as a main focus ... i was so happy when the mother's of the boy told me that she loves the cake :).... happy belated baby ethan ...  i can make your cake topper with gumpaste so that u can keep it for years ... i can make custom wedding bride and groom topper too ...!! :)

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