Tuesday, November 20, 2012

fashion addict cupcakes

ordered by my relatives ... it was a belated bday gift for a trendy woman ... moist chocolate cupcakes with a strwaberry buttercream flavour ...completed set with a hermes,chanel wallet,bag, a big diamond ring,blush on ,flowers .. the fun part is everythings are edible too ..
i loved the cuppies too ... turns out funky ,pretty yet delicious to eat ...:)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

GIngerbread CLASS !!

hey everyone ...,please feel free to ask any question regarding the gingerbread class!
the class will be start at 7pm - 9 pm ish .. since most of us a full time mom or a working mom
so we decided to start the class at nite ...
here we go, in our class you will learn some basic technic of baking cookies,altough all the
gingerbread cookies are premade by us ,,so we can enjoy our decorating class,you will learn
to make royal icing,and learn how to pipe royal icing to make some effect such as snow ,flowers,
small leaf,using a very simple tools,so dont worry u will not got broke by buying so many
cake decor stuff,maybe 1-2 ... beside a mixer !!!

you will be 100% decorating your own house!!
so the ideas of having this class are .. to teach a moms,teenager,fathers( :p),lovers to create some edible pretty gingerbread house ,mouthwatering and beautiful creation of yours..! to be given to your family,friends,colleagues,big boss.. u name it! 

you may bring some camera to take a picture of your step by step during classes ..hopefully this classes will help u gain more knowledge about cookies decorating that will be usefull forever ...
imagine how your family and friends will say ... OOOhhhh AHHHHhh pweetyy ! or even your grandkids oneday ...:)

it is an english class ..!!  but please dont worry for cantonese speaking ,u can learn by looking at the technic .. i speak very little cantonese too!!

bring up your xmas spirit !!!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

laney garden party birthday cake !!!

this is the cakes and cupcakes set for baby laney ... her mum leslie ordered this cake and customised the cake her self to meet her ideas of design ... hope u everyone loves it ...

leslie said laney were happy and love the cakes and cuppies ... what can make me happier ?:)


Friday, November 2, 2012

simple peony engagement cake

vanilla with strawberry buttercream flavour engagement cake ...
i love making this peony sugar flower ... isnt she pretty ??...


"MINNIE MOUSE" ines birthday cake

hello .... made this for last week order .. for my customer cynthia's daughter ... this was a 10 inches chocolate cake... all decorated with sugar paste ... and ines figurine made by gumpaste ...:) 

winter are here by the way ...yippie ...!


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