Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Giant cupcake for any celebration

say hello to our pretty giant cupcakes .. isnt she a beauty ??.... they taste as good as they look too !! check out our pricing and serving guide to see our giant cupcakes details..

your baker ,

Me and my handmade figurine animal

 hand made figurine cake topper animal

your baker and her hand made ice skater teddy bear figurine :)

do not hesitate to contact me if u need any cake topper ... u can keep those gumpaste figurine as a keepsakes.. they last really long ..:)

julie bashore and me

i went to her sugar art workshop on april 2012 , she was so humble and very sweet lady ,, very happy to meet her in person .. since we know her busy workshop scheduled,i am very BLESSED ... she is such a good instructor ... looking forward to join her workshop anytime ..,,we learn so many technic and cake decorating method too ... thanks Julie ..:)


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