Monday, August 31, 2009

3d animal fondant figure

blue hippo
shaun the sheep
and fei's cute little chihuahua

another member piggy

your grandma apple pie

our special 8 inch grandma old style apple pie .... crispy on top with fresh and juicy apple slices inside...
we are using the best smith apples in town ...

Fashionese set of cupcakes or cake topper

must have handbags of all time
set of hat and gloves

black and red chanel

branded stuff

Grown up cupcakes topper

set of lingerie ....complete set with hand cuff .... with red bikini ,g string ....
everything is edible sugar craft

custom animal cupcakes topper

we can provide name or company banner

girly panda

happy cow

these are our custom cakes and cupcakes topper ...feel free to ask about any theme .... to match your party ...

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